Vladimir Putin Rumored To Be In Failing Health

October 24, 2023

Rumors of Russian President Vladimir Putin's failing health have been swirling for quite some time now.

Even though Putin is the aggressor and shouldn't be supported, that doesn't mean he isn't feeling the stress from his war in Ukraine.

Just because Putin started the war, doesn't mean it's easy on his mind and body to see the way it is currently going.

Russians are dying in war, other Russians are starving, and the future of the country is in question right now. Even if you weren't an evil dictator, that would be a lot to handle.

Since Russia's government really loves them some Putin, because Russia's government is Putin, it didn't surprise me to learn that a 2024 calendar featuring 12 pictures of Vladimir Putin had been released in Russia.

What did surprise me?

It only contained OLD pictures.

Not a single shot out of the twelve was from the last two years.

Is that because photographers couldn't capture him looking healthy any point during that period?