Vivek Ramaswamy Passes Pence For 3rd Place In GOP Primary

For a while, Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump seemed to be neck and neck in the Republican primary stakes.

DeSantis hasn't really been able to keep his momentum, and Trump seems to have gained even more, so there's now a clear first place and second place delineation.

There's a new surprise in third place right now as well.

Vivek Ramaswamy is now making noticeable strides. is reporting that the latest Echelon Insights survey found that there's been no change in the order of the top two candidates, but the race for relevancy at the bottom has changed quite a bit.

As far as people who aren't named DeSantis or Trump go, former Vice President Mike Pence initially seemed as though he might be the next man up.

Ramaswamy had something to say about that.

Here are the full results of the survey:

2024 National Republican Primary:

Trump 49% (+33)
DeSantis 16%
Ramaswamy 10%
Pence 5%
Haley 5%
T. Scott 4%
Christie 2%
Suarez 1%
Burgum 1%
Youngkin 0%
Hutchinson 0%
Perry 0%
Hurd 0%
Elder 0%