Video Of Trump Taken Out Of Context To Misrepresent Rally Crowd

Well, what a surprise.

It turns out that liberals have been lying about Donald Trump. AGAIN!

One liar on social media claimed that "loser Trump had 7 people waiting for him in Iowa for his rally."

The tweet appears to have since been deleted, but it contained a video showing Trump shaking hands with a small group of people.

The big lie here is claiming that this is the crowd that was waiting for Trump to land in Iowa, which would have been a very disappointing turnout indeed.

However, there was clearly another side to the story. It turns out the caption on the video was a complete LIE.

The video wasn't of Donald Trump being greeted by all of his Iowa fans, it was simply him at a private event at a radio station.

Trump was scheduled to do an interview and spent some time catching up and shaking hands with the station employees.

The video was taken completely out of context. They lied again.

Here was the TRUTHFUL caption: