Vice President Kamala Harris furious over illegal immigrant drop off near home in Washington D.C.

December 27, 2022

Vice President Kamala Harris and the Democrat Party are furious with Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) for shipping illegal immigrants into Washington, D.C. on Christmas Eve.

The Vice President didn't seem to appreciate Governor Abbott's gift and the three buses full of migrants created a massive firestorm.

White House spokesperson Abdullah Hasan responded to the situation saying, "Governor Abbott abandoned children on the side of the road in below-freezing temperatures on Christmas Eve without coordinating with any Federal or local authorities. This was a cruel, dangerous, and shameful stunt."

Hasan failed to acknowledge if leaving the southern border was a "cruel, dangerous, and shameful" act.

Hasan's statement continued by saying, "As we have repeatedly said, we are willing to work with anyone – Republican or Democrat alike – on real solutions, like the comprehensive immigration reform and border security measures President Biden sent to Congress on his first day in office, but these political games accomplish nothing and only put lives in danger."

Despite claims by Democrats and the White House, those migrants were escorted to safe sites and were not in danger from the cold temperatures. However, the situation illustrated that Democrats don't actually want to interact with the millions of migrants crossing the southern border.