Vice President Kamala Harris emerges from hiding to push abortion and gun control

 April 17, 2023

Vice President Kamala Harris has spent the majority of her time as vice president hiding away from the public but has recently made several public appearances to push for gun control and abortion.

Harris recently visited Africa last month and then made a last-minute trip to Nashville, Tennessee to support Democrat legislators who were expelled from the state government for protesting.

Democratic strategist David Thomas said, "I’ve been thrilled to see her in the spotlight on these two issues in particular over the past couple of weeks here. And it makes sense as we’re really starting to focus on the reelection campaign here."

Thomas continued by saying, "These are two issues, guns and abortion, that are really such stark contrasts between Democrats and Republicans, and the fact she’s out there being really active on these outside of Washington, D.C., is exactly where she should be."

These past few weeks have been good for the vice president as she combats a growing movement in the Democrat party to have her removed from the Biden reelection campaign.

Harris is seen by many Democrats as a massive liability due to her gaffes and her inability to motivate voters. However, it seems she could be turning things around with her campaigning on key issues for Democrats.