Vast majority of Americans do not believe Trump committed criminal act in hush money trial

 April 18, 2024

Many legal experts -- from both sides of the political aisle -- have publicly stated that DA Alvin Bragg's "hush money" case against former President Donald Trump is, by far, the weakest case against him.

It looks as though a vast majority of Americans also believe that, according to a new AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll, which the probably despised making public.

According to the Associated Press, the poll found that only about one-third of U.S. adults believe Trump committed a crime in Bragg's hush money case.

The AP hesitantly wrote that only "close to half" of Americans believe Trump did anything illegal in the other three cases he faces.

The outlet foolishly suggested that the trial could hurt Trump's public appearance and his poll numbers. That's never been true throughout the entire ordeal and likely won't be down the road.

In fact, Trump has benefited greatly from the multiple charges he faces and has capitalized politically on them in many ways, including financially and with minority voters, who feel like Trump is being unfairly targeted because of who he is.

After interviewing presumably anti-Trump, woke college students about how they would feel if he was convicted, the AP was forced to mention the latest poll numbers that show most Americans do not believe what's happening is fair to the former president.

The AP noted:

Yet, a cloud of doubt hangs over all the proceedings. Only about 3 in 10 Americans feel that any of the prosecutors who have brought charges against Trump are treating the former president fairly. And only about 2 in 10 Americans are extremely or very confident that the judges and jurors in the cases against him can be fair and impartial.

The outlet then provided quotes from non-woke university students who understand real life.

"It’s very obvious political persecution," said Christopher Ruff, a 46-year-old political independent. "I’m no fan of Trump in any way, shape or form. Didn’t vote for him, never will. But it’s obviously all political."

While the AP previously attempted to argue that Trump could turn off independent voters with his criminal cases, Mr. Ruff is evidence that independent, free-thinking voters understand exactly what is happening to Trump, like him or not.

Trump and millions of supporters, including many politicians, have insisted that the indictments he faces are simply a weaponization of government to hamstring a political opponent.

That was made pretty clear to most when he was hit with four indictments over the period of about a year.

Trump is still besting President Joe Biden in virtually every important swing state poll, and has beat Biden in several national hypothetical matchup polls.