Vanna White opens up about time with Pat Sajak as his retirement nears

November 20, 2023

Vanna White has graced U.S. households on the legendary game show Wheel of Fortune for 41 years.

Working alongside show host Pat Sajak the entire time has been a pleasant experience for the fashion icon, who recently opened up to Fox News Digital about her time on the show with Sajak as he prepares for his retirement, Fox Business reported.

Sajak is set to end his decades-long run as the host of the hit show at the end of this year.

"I couldn’t have been happier to share the stage with Pat all these years. He keeps me laughing every day and has been such a joy to work with!" White told Fox.

She also commented on the show's new host, Ryan Seacrest, a legend in the business who will take over Sajak's hosting duties next year.

"Ryan is a pro and will do a great job," White said, "but right now, I’m focused on enjoying the last season with Pat."

"There will be more to say as we get closer to the end of the season," White teased during the interview. "Right now, we’re just having fun creating great shows to cap this incredible 41-year adventure we’ve had."

Fox Business also pointed out White's new venture in the makeup industry, noting that her new collaboration with makeup brand Laura Geller Beauty is a perfect fit for the show's core demographic.

The outlet noted:

Speaking with Fox News Digital, White explained that the partnership came about when the brand "did some research and discovered her customers are fans of the show, so we thought our viewers might be fans of her makeup as well!"

"Once I tried the brand I was hooked, so it was my pleasure to be the face of the collection. I also love that Laura Geller Beauty focuses on women over 40," White said.

It was also noted that White has never worn the same dress twice in her over four decades on the show, with the exception of once, which was an accident.

White will not be retiring alongside her longtime co-host and will work with Seacrest when he takes over next year.

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