Van Hollen: Biden Should Use More 'Leverage' Over Israel

 January 3, 2024

Even Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen (MD) knows President Joe Biden is failing to properly navigate the Israel-Hamas war.

Joe Biden isn't navigating this situation well because he can't.

Biden simply can't do it.

When even Democrats are willing to admit that to save their own reputations, you know that Joe Biden's reelection chances are getting slimmer and slimmer.

Van Hollen didn't seem to show much sympathy for Israel with his statements, but his general message was the same as what pro-Israel people are saying:

Biden just isn't doing a good enough job.

"We have seen unacceptably high civilian casualties throughout this war. We’re now over 20,000 Gazans dead, two-thirds of them women and children. And as I listen to what Prime Minister Netanyahu said, that they’re redeploying some of their troops out of northern Gaza, where they are sort of finishing up some of their operations, but the intensity of attacks in southern Gaza, in places like Khan Yunis in the south, remain very hot," Van Hollen said.

The senator continued, "And the Biden administration has continued to press Netanyahu to reduce civilian casualties, to allow more humanitarian assistance into Gaza. We’re getting reports of half the population nearing starvation levels. And so, my view is the Biden administration needs to do even more to use U.S. leverage to accomplish the objectives that President Biden has set out."