USA Launches Plan Recruiting Russians As Spies

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recently launched a social media campaign asking citizens of Russia to do a very surprising thing:

Become spies for American intelligence.

The CIA is pushing advertisements on the messaging app Telegram, which is very popular in Russia. Unlike many other apps, Telegram is not blocked by Russia's government and is therefore one of the favorite apps of the Russian people.

"The CIA wants to know the truth about #Russia, and we are looking for reliable people who know and can tell us this truth," America's CIA advertised on Telegram.

"Your information may be more valuable than you think," the advertisement/plea for help insists.

"Once you contact us, please be patient," the post continues. "We thank you for your courage. We carefully review the submitted documents in order to give an appropriate response and at the same time ensure your safety."

The fight against Russia may be getting more serious than we realized.