'Unshakable' MAGA Base Propels Trump To 37-Point Primary Lead

 August 1, 2023

Liberals promised America that Donald Trump would have gone away by now.

Boy, were they wrong.

For some reason, these silly people seem to think that each indictment they throw at Donald Trump is going to destroy him.

They don't.

They only make him stronger.

Donald Trump is leading the Republican field by a whopping 37 POINTS right now.

It's not like this is a head-to-head matchup against a single underwhelming candidate, either.

This is the percentage of Republicans who want to vote for him when presented with ALL other options in the GOP field.

The New York Times, which conducted the latest poll, admitted that Trump has some SERIOUS momentum right now, despite all of his legal problems.

"Even if it might be a mistake to call Mr. Trump 'inevitable,' the Times/Siena data suggests that he commands a seemingly unshakable base of loyal supporters, representing more than one-third of the Republican electorate," the paper said.