United Nations To Vote On Resolution Condemning Hamas

October 19, 2023

It's not often that President Joe Biden is on the side of common sense, so we need to celebrate it when he is and give him his kudos.

Obviously, Biden is not perfect. However, there are MANY politicians on the left who are sickeningly blaming Israel for this conflict after over 1,000 of their people were slaughtered, and Joe Biden is not one of them.

Reports suggested that upwards of 500 people died recently when a rocket struck a hospital in Gaza.

Hamas rushed to report that the rocket had been launched by Israel and claimed that this was proof that Benjamin Netanyahu's people were the bad guys.

Even Biden wouldn't stand by that lie.

Biden declared that "the Israeli military was not responsible for the attack on the Gaza hospital that left 500 dead," according to Fox News.

The United Nations is expected to vote on a resolution condemning Hamas soon, and I think this proves that Joe knows which way to lean on that one.

I don't say this often, and I wish I could say this more...


Thank you for standing up for what is right, Joe Biden.

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