President Declared UNFIT To Serve [Developing]

July 27, 2022

Joe Biden is unfit to serve.

Everyone in America can see it, except the people in the White House.

This man is NOT a competent leader.

Nobody's perfect, but if you're going to be the President of the United States of America, you should be able to get closer than the average chimpanzee can.

So far Biden has not only not kept up with the chimpanzees, he's behind the silverbacks and gibbons as well.

Representative Troy Nehls of Texas is one of the important people in the government that knows this, so he's one of our only hopes to bring to the light the idea that Joe Biden is in fact "unfit to serve."

"When Donald Trump was president, there were many individuals, including Mayor Pete, who immediately started questioning Donald Trump’s mental state," Nehls said. "Donald Trump wasn’t the president for a month and the left and the dishonest media were starting to question Donald Trump and his mental state. … And so there was an opportunity for me to just to put it out there. … It was a fair question to ask because the country can see that Joe Biden right now, honestly, is unfit to serve. He’s not all there, and something needs to be done."

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