Unanswered Questions Ahead Of Christopher Wray's Testimony

 July 11, 2023

House Republicans are FINALLY going to get to question FBI Director Christopher Wray in an attempt to find the answers that liberals have been blocking them from receiving for quite some time now.

Wray hasn't made a public appearance in a while, not being seen since John Durham released findings of major FBI misconduct in regard to the investigation into Donald Trump's supposed Russian collusion.

The FBI chief knew that there was no Russian collusion, but still let America spend over THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS trying to prove that there was.

Not only did Wray know that the Trump/Russia theory was nothing but lies, Hillary Clinton knew it as well.

Barack Obama knew it as well.

Joe Biden knew it as well...

That being said, here are some of the questions that the Washington Examiner feels Wray is likely to face:

Why did the FBI withhold the FD-1023 from Congress?

Why did the FBI’s Washington field office conduct the raid of Mar-a-Lago, in a break from standard practice?

Why did the FBI limit the number of witnesses who IRS investigators could contact during the Hunter Biden investigation?

What has the FBI done to investigate attacks on anti-abortion centers and churches?

Are agents who worked on the Russia investigation still at the FBI?

How closely has the FBI worked with social media companies to censor speech?

Has AG Merrick Garland ever asked you to stand down on an investigative step?

If Wray can answer even one of these questions without lying, that will be more than I am expecting.