Ukrainian boy thrown off bridge in Germany by angry Russian-speaking man

September 7, 2023

The tensions between Ukrainians and Russians have intensified since the start of Russia's invasion, and the violence is spilling over into other countries.

According to Breitbart, in a horrifying update, a 10-year-old child was allegedly thrown from a bridge, allegedly by a Russian-speaking man, for speaking Ukrainian.

The outlet noted:

An unknown Russian-speaking man is wanted by police on suspicion of attempted manslaughter in the state of Lower Saxony after a 10-year-old Ukrainian boy was attacked in the town of Einbeck on Saturday.

German broadcaster NTV described the disturbing turn of events, noting that several children were gathered on the bridge just before a Russian-speaking man, thought to be from Russia, approached the group of children and expressed frustration that they were speaking Ukrainian.

The unidentified Russian man reportedly demanded that they speak Russian before he threw the little boy off the bridge. He also reportedly griped about who started the Russia-Ukraine war.

Breitbart added:

Police said that the man initially grabbed a girl from the group of children by the hair before moving to the ten-year-old boy and throwing him over the bridge’s railing. The boy first smashed into the iron girders mounted to the bridge before falling between them into the canal below.

Miraculously, the boy survived the assault and the fall, and didn't suffer serious injuries as a result of the terrifying incident.

In a tweet, NEXTA reported: "The prosecutor considers the attack, which took place last Saturday (August 26), to be politically motivated. Police are looking for the perpetrator and are asking witnesses for information."

The incident drew intense commentary, with some warning of the number of "brainwashed" individuals in Germany who believe they are Russian.

"This clearly shows the level of hatred among a certain large group who lives in Germany. Many identify themselves with Russia and the Soviet Union – they watch Russian TV and are totally brainwashed with Russian propaganda," said the director of the European Resilience Centre, Sergej Sumlenny.

He added, "This is a standard level of anti-Ukrainianism that you see among Russians, a readiness to hate, cause pain and even kill indiscriminately just because this person speaks Ukrainian."

The Russian-speaking suspect is currently wanted by police, and a manhunt has been launched.

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