Federal Prosecutor Says $10M Biden Bribe Claim Was Credible

October 27, 2023

Former Pittsburgh U.S. Attorney Scott Brady recently told the House Judiciary Committee that the FD-1023 file alleging that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden each received a $5,000,000 bribe was completely credible and ripe for investigation.

Brady is alleging that the FBI knew that and simply refused to take action on the issue.

This directly contradicts what Democrats have been saying all along, that there was NO evidence of any wrongdoing by Joe Biden or his family.

By this point, we all know that's completely false.

Joe's son Hunter Biden, and Joe's brother James Biden, are some of the biggest deadbeats in America.

Yet, they're also some of the richest. That's because their last name is Biden.

It's not because they have skills; it's not because they work hard, and it sure as heck isn't because they deserve it.

It's because they carry the Biden family name, and everyone knows it.


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