Two Israelis murdered in terrorist attack, Palestinian civilians seen celebrating

 February 27, 2023

Two young Israeli civilians were murdered by terrorists in an attack near the Arab village of Huwara in the Northern West Bank according to reports from the Israeli military.

The two civilians, brothers Hillel Yaniv, 21, and Yagel Yaniv, 16, were driving in a car when terrorists opened fire at close range. They were rescued from the scene but succumbed to their wounds in the hospital.

Soon after the attack, videos on social media from the nearby city of Nablus surfaced showing Palestinians, including young children, celebrating the terrorists and their murder of the two Israelis.

The attack came as Israel has been working with Arab leaders to reach a peaceful compromise in the West Bank. Unfortunately, this attack has made the prospect of peace extremely difficult for Israel.

Shlomo Neeman, head of the Yesha settlement umbrella group, reacted to the attack by saying, "Only heavy-handed action against the enemy and continued development of the settlement enterprise building Jewish homes in the West Bank would deter Palestinian terrorists. We cannot hold a dialogue with an enemy that produces, arms, finances terrorism, and continues to pay salaries to terrorists."

Israelis have no interest in negotiating with terrorists and the Palestinians celebrating terrorism should not expect a peaceful resolution to the conflict in the West Bank.