Two Arrested In Florida For 'Alleged Election Crimes Violations'

 March 16, 2023

Donna Prentes Brady and Toye Ann La Rocca have been arrested in Florida for alleged election crimes violations.

Brady, 66, has been arrested on two counts of casting more than one ballot in any election, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. She voted in person for the 2020 state primary and general election in Florida AND via mail for those elections in New Jersey. The violations add up to a third-degree felony.

La Rocca, 62, was arrested on "one count of false swearing of voter registration information and two counts of unqualified electors willfully voting, all third-degree felonies."

Apparently, La Rocca voted in 2022 while serving probation as a result of a DUI conviction. WPLG in Florida noted:

Because La Rocca is a convicted felon, she cannot vote until she completes her sentence. La Rocca voted in person for the primary election in Okaloosa County and voted by mail in the general election.

La Rocca was arrested last Wednesday by Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies and booked into the Okaloosa County Jail. She will be prosecuted by the Office of the State Attorney, First Judicial Circuit.