Turns Out Democrats Were Lying The Entire Time

Special Counsel John H. Durham has finally concluded his investigation into liberals' claims that Donald Trump had been colluding with Russia leading up to the 2016 election.

At the end of the investigation, it wasn't Donald Trump standing with egg on his face.

It was Dianne Feinstein, not to mention Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden, and Barack Obama.

In 2023, Feinstein most famous for being really old and confused. Her most noteworthy action of late was claiming that she had "never been gone" from the Senate despite taking three months off to deal with the fact that she's 89-years-old.

In 2019, she wasn't 89 and ill though. She was just 85 and lying.

Feinstein famously cited an Inspector General's report to say that an investigation on Trump's ties to Russia was "was motivated by fact, not bias."

Durham's final report revealed that the Inspector General's report was completely incorrect, and Feinstein probably knew it.

Go back to your cave, Dianne.