Turley says Trump gains five points with every indictment

November 8, 2023

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley weighed in Tuesday on whether former President Donald Trump's testimony in a New York civil trial on Monday helped or hurt him.

Turley told Fox Digital Trump seemed to be speaking to the public in his testimony even though there were no cameras or media present. Judge Engoron seemed annoyed with his lengthy answers and explanations of real estate procedures.

The professor noted that Trump's popularity seems to increase by five points every time he is indicted. Current polls have him with as high as 65% support in the GOP.

"At this rate, with four more indictments, he could be elected by general acclamation," Turley said. "The problem for Trump is the underlying law. The New York law does not require an actual victim or even loss of money."

"There are two cases being made in that courtroom. [Prosecutor Letitia] James is making the case to bar Trump from business in New York while Trump is making the case for reelection," he continued.

"Both may be succeeding," he added. "James seems to have a sympathetic court while Trump seems to have an increasingly sympathetic public."