Turley predicts FBI will be 'obstructive' of congressional oversight efforts going forward

By Jen Krausz on
 May 28, 2023

Legal expert Jonathan Turley predicted on Fox News Friday night that the FBI and its director, Christopher Wray, would continue to resist congressional oversight and be generally "obstructive" of the process of investigating President Joe Biden because it could implicate them in wrongdoing and because it fits their political agenda to protect Biden.

“What do you predict Christopher Wray will do?” Rachel Campos-Duffy asked Turley.

“Well, my guess is he’s going to resist,” Turley replied. “You know, these forms are raw information at the FBI usually doesn’t release, but this is not your usual case. What is being alleged here is a form of corruption, not just by the president but a corruption of the FBI that this committee is looking into whether the government helped shield President Biden and his family members.”

He said there were ways the FBI could comply with data requests by using redactions and releasing into a classified environment, allowing Congress to fulfill its oversight role.

"But so far, the FBI appears to have been completely oppositional and arguably obstructive to their efforts,” he said.

He added that Wray thinks he will get cover from Attorney General Merrick Garland and won't be held accountable in any meaningful way. "Wray knows that the attorney general has his back," Turley said, meaning that Wray could defy congressional subpoenas and contempt charges with impunity.