Tucker Carlson Was VERY Concerned About Liberals Working At Fox: Report

 May 10, 2023

A latest leak shows one of the disagreements that Tucker Carlson was having with Fox News during the end of his employment with the company:

He was worried about liberals infiltrating the company.

One specific complaint that he had was his company hiring people who took the time to list their politically correct pronouns in their Twitter bio.

According to Carlson, and many other Americans, if you're going to keep getting involved in all of the woke baloney going on in liberal America these days then you probably can't be trusted to utilize common sense when it comes to other issues either.

If you're willing to bend to liberals or even agree with them on pronoun and gender usage, then where does it end?

It's only logical that these types of people would be predisposed to being racist against white people or be more willing to let unborn babies be murdered.

That isn't something Tucker wanted happening at his place of employment.

Can you blame him?