Tucker Carlson says Trump indictment is intended to ensure he is 'never elected president again'

 April 2, 2023

Fox News's Tucker Carlson opened his Thursday show with a blistering condemnation of Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg and warned that the left's indictment of Donald Trump is an escalation of the war to ensure Trump never steps foot in the Oval Office again.

Carlson stated that Bragg's indictment was "unprecedented" and could do irreparable damage to the country.

The host began his show by saying, "So obviously, this indictment is something brand new, the beginning of something, but it is also the culmination of something. The culmination of an effort to make certain that Donald Trump is never elected President again. That was the whole purpose of the January 6th Committee, obviously."

Carlson also recounted the history of the left's campaign against Donald Trump. Since 2015, Democrats have been working with every federal authority to stop Donald Trump and his America First agenda.

The Fox News personality stated, "This effort today is one in a long line of unprecedented steps that permanent Washington has taken to stop Donald Trump from holding office in a democracy. Whether you like Trump or not, that is true. But none of that has stopped Republican primary voters from telling pollsters that far and away Donald Trump is their first choice for President in 2024. In fact, it may have changed their minds and made them support Trump again, maybe not because they love Trump, but because they hate to see their beloved system destroyed, subverted and destroyed for political reasons."

Alvin Bragg has gone a step too far and exposed just how rotten our justice system is. If Donald Trump wins in 2024, Bragg's indictment of him could be pointed to as the moment the pendulum swung back.