Tucker Carlson says civilization 'unraveling' due to lax law enforcement in some parts of US

By Jen Krausz on
 April 20, 2023

Tucker Carlson pointed out during his monologue on Wednesday that our whole civilization is breaking down because of soft-on-crime policies.

"When young people are told by their leaders that work is a scam and that stealing things from other people is a human right, how do you think your economy is going to look in 10 years? How about your civilization?" Carlson reasoned.

He continued, "The answer depends in part on just how much idleness and theft you put up with. Any society that cannot declare unequivocally and with confidence that stealing is wrong has no future. When you let the mob loot, you are doomed."

Without "private property secured by the law," we are "living in savagery and chaos," he said, citing Chicago as an example.

After playing a clip of a teen mob rampaging through the city's streets, he continued:

Nobody is benefiting. What you’re seeing instead is civilization unraveling. Unrestrained violence and destruction effectively unchallenged by government authorities. The mindless breaking of things, the rage of stupid children. If you let that continue, there will be nothing left standing.

Carlson then pointed out the double standard between the inaction against people of color looting and destroying parts of cities around the country and the hounding of anyone involved on Jan. 6, 2021, when protesters briefly breached the Capitol but left it intact.