Tucker Carlson demands answers on John Fetterman's status as an inpatient at a mental health facility

 March 5, 2023

Fox News host Tucker Carlson demanded answers about Senator John Fetterman's (D-PA) mental health during his show on Friday.

According to Carlson, the situation around Fetterman is both disturbing and unusual, and Americans deserve to know the truth about what is happening.

Carlson began his show by saying, "[F]etterman got to Washington in January and within a month suffered a mental breakdown so severe that he wound up in the psych ward where he remains tonight...Fetterman cracked under the strain of a Senate campaign in which he was forced to pretend that the brain damage he had suffered from a stroke wasn’t actually a big deal. ‘No problem. I’m fine.’ But he was not fine. He was so close to the edge that within weeks of getting to Washington, he wound up in a mental hospital as an inpatient. He has not appeared in public since."

Republicans sounded the alarm on Fetterman's mental and physical health during the 2022 midterm elections. But those concerns were brushed aside by the mainstream media that was working hard to ensure Democrats won a majority in the Senate.

Carlson continued by saying, "Wouldn’t a functional society elevate people to positions of leadership who are the wisest, the smartest, the sanest, who have the greatest degree of foresight and emotional self-control? Yes, it would. They would not intentionally put people in positions of authority who were incompetent. They would not allow John Fetterman to write railroad safety legislation from his bed in the psych ward. That is, pardon the description, insane."

The Democrat Party should be ashamed of itself for using Fetterman the way they have. Furthermore, there must be consequences for someone as unwell as Fetterman being entrusted with the duty of representing millions of Americans.