Tucker Carlson coverage of Jan. 6 video footage gets 6 times more viewers than CNN

By Jen Krausz on
 March 10, 2023

Breitbart's John Nolte gleefully pointed out on Thursday that Tucker Carlson's coverage on Fox News Channel of Jan. 6 video footage obtained from House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) got six times more viewers than CNN got on the same day and time.

Nolte referenced Adweek's ratings for Monday, March 6 when the footage aired, noting that Tucker Carlson's show got 3.695 million viewers while CNN's Anderson Cooper had 582,000.

"Bottom line," Nolte gloated. "There’s a market for truth and no market for CNN’s and Anderson Cooper’s serial lying."

The footage showed police escorting a peaceful "Qanon shaman" around the Capitol without stopping him from walking around, and Brian Sicknick, who the media tried to say was killed in the riots, very much alive and uninjured.

Nolte pointed out that the Jan. 6 House Select Committee lied about the circumstances of the events that day and that they may have even denied due process to Jacob Chansley, the "shaman," by denying his lawyers access to the footage.

Chansley later got almost four years in jail.