Tucker Carlson: Biden Mental State Either Scary Or Hilarious

 February 10, 2023

Tucker Carlson recently said that Joe Biden's State of the Union address was either "scary and depressing" or "absolutely hilarious."

I understand the joke that Carlson is trying to make about Biden's incompetence being "hilarious," but this is probably a little bit too serious of an issue to be laughing at. It WOULD be hilarious that Biden is so old and incompetent if he didn't have what just might be the most important job in the world. The stakes are simply too high for that.

That leaves "scary and depressing," which probably is the most accurate way to describe Biden's leadership.

Our economy is tumbling.

The cost of eggs per dozen is skyrocketing.

The world is being ravaged by war, and China is doing whatever it wants because officials there know that they not only own Joe Biden, but also his whole family.

America is NOT in a good spot right now, and it's Joe Biden's fault. I think "scary" is the perfect word.