Tucker Carlson: Biden Hid Documents At 'Fake Think Tank'

 January 11, 2023

Tucker Carlson revealed to America on Jan. 10 that there is another layer to this situation involving Biden removing classified documents in the White House.

The "think tank" where Biden supposedly had an office was a complete fake. He said:

Joe Biden was storing classified documents in a private office at a fake think tank that has been set up for him at the University of Pennsylvania. That fake think tank is called the Penn-Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement at the University of Pennsylvania.

Not only that, Penn might be a national security threat at this point because of all of the funding they have been receiving straight from China. He added:

In recent years, Penn has received more than $50 million from anonymous Chinese donors. So the question is, were those donors peering at declassified documents, the National Security secrets that Joe Biden had been stashing at the fake think tank that Penn set up for him? How much access do they have exactly to these documents?

America is waiting for answers to all of these questions, but one thing is for certain:

Things just keep getting worse and worse for Joe Biden.