Hume: Trump's Star Fading

November 15, 2022

This isn't the news that Donald Trump wanted to hear, but just because he's a reality television superstar doesn't mean we can sugarcoat the facts.

Donald Trump's star is fading, according to Brit Hume of Fox News, as Breitbart reports.

This doesn't mean that he doesn't have good ideas for how to get the country back on track, but many Americans (conservatives included) are getting worried that the man might be sabotaging his own party.

Some Republicans support this notion, saying that the GOP needs to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up.

However, there's a bigger percentage of Republicans who are getting annoyed that Donald Trump will not stop insulting anyone and everyone just for the sake of being controversial.

I mean, the day after midterms he took violent verbal jabs at both his own wife and Ron DeSantis, two of the darlings of 2022 conservatism.

Trump needs to understand that he isn't so powerful these days that we tolerate every insult he throws. He needs to show some decorum, especially within his own party. The constant tearing down of liberals was fun for a while, but now he's lashing out at people we know are trying their best to improve this country, such as Ron DeSantis.

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