Trump's Primary Lead Surges After Indictment News

 April 4, 2023

Liberals THOUGHT they had a plan to take Trump down.

They've only given him more power.

A recent poll has shown that Donald Trump is leading the Republican field by an incredible margin that's grown by nearly 20 percentage points since he was indicted by a grand jury.

Not only has Donald Trump seen an increase in the polls, but he has also seen an increase in donations as well. Trump has been bringing in millions and millions of dollars ever since the news of his indictment broke last week.

The size of Trump's lead really is shocking.

Over half of likely GOP voters plan on supporting Donald Trump in 2024.

This is EXACTLY what liberals get for proving that Trump was right about them the entire time. The whole situation here is nothing but a politically motivated witch hunt. Trump tried to tell us YEARS ago.

Maybe now the rest of America will finally listen.