Trump's mugshot backfires on the haters, raises tons of cash for Trump's campaign

August 29, 2023

Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis might have thought former President Donald Trump's mugshot was a personal trophy, but it seems to have backfired in spectacular fashion.

Trump's mugshot has triggered countless haters, including entire media organizations, as Breitbart's John Nolte hilariously pointed out this week.

NPR was the latest Trump-despising media outlet to lash out at the now-iconic mugshot and the unintended consequences it clearly meant for the left, and the Trump haters in the establishment GOP.

"Typically, mug shots are associated with shame and humiliation," NPR hosts said, according to Nolte. "But for Trump and a pocket of his fan base, his mug shot — the first ever of an American president — was a badge of honor."

"For most people, mug shots are taken during one of the worst days of their lives," another NPR host added.

Nolte wrote:

Basically, NPR’s serial liars are angry because Trump’s mugshot backfired on the left. You see, all of the corporate media spent hours and hours last week with their pants around their ankles refreshing the Fulton County website, waiting for their moment—that glorious moment the fascists have demanded for seven years now: the arrest of the political opposition.

He noted that upon its release, Trump's mugshot became one of the most legendary rallying cries in political history for either side.

It not only helped boost Trump's already-dominating form in the polls, but it also helped him raise mountains of campaign cash for his battle to secure the GOP nomination in 2024.

Trump and his campaign team made several brilliant moves in the wake of the mugshot's release, including making his return to Twitter after over a two-year absence. The photo, complete with a donation link, on Twitter, was viewed at a record pace and gained record numbers of shares and likes.

NPR added, presumably begrudgingly, "The mug shot may help Trump’s campaign, at least financially."

It sure did. According to Fox News, Trump shoveled over $20 million into his campaign war chest in the wake of the mugshot's release, marking a booming August start for his campaign.

While he's brutally criticized the weaponization of the justice system, which he claims is strictly meant to disrupt his 2024 campaign, Trump has also joked -- but kind of serious -- about his desire for more indictments, as they always bring higher polling and more money.

Only time will tell if his opposition continues to attack him, but it sure doesn't look like it's having the intended effect.

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