Trump's Massive Primary Lead Grows Despite Indictments

 August 22, 2023

Liberals think that they're going to be annihilating Donald Trump's chances in 2024 every time they bring a new indictment against him.

You can tell they're liberals because the way they think runs exactly contrary to the facts.

Polls are showing that each indictment only makes Donald Trump stronger.

The most recent poll shows Donald Trump with a mind-blowing 62% of Republican voters behind him.

Not only is he smashing every other candidate individually, but he's also smashing every other candidate COMBINED.

Perhaps that's because GOP voters seem to see the Trump indictments for exactly what they are:

Politically motivated witch hunts.

These indictments are actually helping Trump's popularity, not hurting it.

Liberals would be wise to admit that before they dug themselves too big of a hole, if they haven't already.

Donald Trump appears to be cruising toward the presidency in 2024.

Believe it or not, the indictments are only helping him.

Keep it up, liberals.