Trump's lawyers appeal immunity issue after Supreme Court refuses to fast-track case

 December 25, 2023

Former president Donald Trump's legal team is pushing his presidential immunity argument in front of a federal appeals court after the Supreme Court rejected a request from Special Counsel Jack Smith to fast-track the case.

Smith wanted the case expedited in order to avoid delaying his own trial of Trump, set to begin on March 4th.

The Supreme Court promptly rejected the request, meaning that Trump's presidential immunity case will make its way through the appeals court system and likely end up in the Supreme Court eventually.

This means that Smith's election interference trial against Trump could well be delayed until after the 2024 presidential election.

That means that if Trump wins the 2024 presidential election, Smith's hopes of convicting Trump are effectively dead.

Democrats were counting on Smith to get a criminal conviction of Trump to boost President Joe Biden's reelection campaign. Now Biden is likely going to have to beat Trump without any help from Smith, at least with regard to the election interference case.