Trump's Lawyers Concerned There's A Traitor On The Team

 June 1, 2023

We've got indictments, we've got lawyers, we've got court cases.

Donald Trump's whole situation seems to be getting very messy.

But he's STILL America's number one choice to challenge Joe Biden in 2024.

What's concerning is that Trump's lawyers fear that not everyone on Trump's team wants Donald to succeed. There's been serious discussion about whether or not the former president has a traitor on his hands.

"There’s a lot of lawyers and a lot of jealousy," one person on Trump's legal team said.

Never before has one made had such an expansive team protecting him from so many allegations at one time. That isn't to say that Donald Trump has or has not done anything wrong, but it does prove how hard the left has been working to take him down for quite a while.

Some on Trump's team think that Boris Epshteyn in particular may be interfering with Trump's success.

Do you think that Donald Trump should trust this man who's been on his team since 2016, or does he need to break free?