Trump's former lawyer advises against any plea deals

 June 12, 2023

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, told Fox News on Sunday that Trump should not take a plea deal in his federal documents case, because he has done nothing wrong and accepting a deal would be an "admission of guilt."

Habba told Fox News that, "I know, I would never advise that, especially when he's not done anything wrong. You take a plea deal to make something go away. That's an admission of guilt. He would never admit guilt. Because there was nothing wrong with declassifying documents, taking documents with you."

Trump was indicted last Thursday on 37 federal counts related to allegedly mishandling classified documents, a crime Habba believes Trump couldn't have committed because of his presidential powers.

Habba stated, "An indictment is a one-sided document. He has a defense — the defense is real. He had the Presidential Records Act, which only he has in play. Hillary Clinton didn't have that. Biden didn't have that. And we'll put that defense on."

The indictment stems from the FBI's raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida last August.

The case has put a spotlight on Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, bot of whom mishandled classified documents and yet faced no indictment. Trump's indictment has exposed the two-tier justice system that the left has created in our nation.