Trump's Favorability Continues To Increase: Poll

 April 28, 2023

Many people thought that Donald Trump would never get any hotter than he was in the days just after he was indicted in the state of New York.

He has proved them wrong. His favorability rating is STILL climbing.

Last week, 76% of Republicans viewed Trump favorably, and 21% viewed him unfavorably.

BOTH of those numbers have improved in the last seven days.

As of April 26, 81% of Republicans view Trump favorably, and 17% view him unfavorably.

There's also another individual who is being viewed a bit more positively than last week. It's surprising, because the man hasn't exactly been on a hot streak lately, but it's Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Even though his general support fell behind Trump even more, going from 24% support last week to 21% support this week, DeSantis is still the runner-up Republican in America. His favorability rating has gone up as well, from 68% last week to 73% this week.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is the only other person who collected a positive favorability rating among Republicans.