Kelly: Trump's Classified Documents Can Fit Into 'One Box'

 June 14, 2023

Newsmax host Greg Kelly is going where even a lot of fans of Donald Trump aren't willing to go right now.

He's saying that Trump's indictment over the retention of classified documents is 100% a scam, because the alleged evidence in the case is not lining up with the photos being provided to us.

His main point of contention were photographs distributed in the media of dozens of boxes that allegedly contained documents wrongfully possessed by Trump.

Kelly is saying things don't add up because the number of documents should be able to fit into one box, not 12.

"You don’t have to be a lawyer to look at this and know that it’s a scam," Kelly said.

Many people think that the enemy doesn't have enough to put Trump away, but even some of Trump's fans have admitted that Jack Smith's case looks a lot more solid than Alvin Bragg's.

"Number one, in that indictment, they put some pictures in the indictment to scare us," Kelly contended, however. "Ooh, look at all these boxes. The classified documents in the boxes. These pictures are actually in the indictment and there are dozens and dozens of boxes."

"So I went through the indictment and saw that how many documents, classified documents, did the FBI actually recover? 102," Kelly said.

He then showed that that many pieces of paper could fit into a single box.

So, what was in the other eleven boxes?

America may never know, but Greg Kelly thinks he does.