Trump's attorney says Jack Smith's latest indictment sets a dangerous political precedent

 August 2, 2023

"If we’re criminalizing politics, what’s going to happen when the Republicans are next in office?" asked John Lauro, former President Donald Trump's attorney handling his latest federal indictment.

According to Breitbart, Lauro asked the question during a Fox News interview this week, noting that the indictment out of Special Counsel Jack Smith's office sets a dangerous precedent, at the very least.

"Think about the pressure that’s going to be put on a Republican president to go after and indict sitting Democrats now in Congress or in state houses for their political views," Lauro added.

As an example, Lauro pointed out that the people who steadfastly -- and falsely -- claimed that Hunter Biden's infamous laptop was a Russian disinformation campaign will likely be the targets of future prosecutions, given that the bar has now been set so low.

"It affects not just Donald Trump, it affects every American, who now realizes that the First Amendment is under assault, it’s under attack by the Biden administration," Lauro said.

Lauro's stance is that if Trump can be prosecuted at the highest level for simply thinking the wrong thing, then any American's First Amendment rights are now at stake.

"He’s being indicted for free speech. He’s being indicted for objecting to the way that the 2020 election was carried out. And any American that takes that view should be equally concerned, are they next? Because the reality is that, if a President can be indicted for free speech, then anybody can be indicted," Lauro said.

The attorney noted that when the trial for this particular case happens, Trump's legal team will be fighting not only for their client, but for the First Amendment rights of literally every American citizen.

"So, when this case goes to trial, we’re going to be representing, not just President Trump, but every single American that believes in the First Amendment and believes in your ability to redress and bring grievances to Congress, and that’s exactly what people were doing," Lauro said.

He argued that simply challenging the 2020 election results based on the data available at the time was not a crime, and was a legitimate concern, as it still is for many who believe something might have gone wrong.

"You had these alternate electors that said to the Congress, we have serious doubts about what happened in the 2020 election. We’re bringing these grievances to you, listen to us. That’s being criminalized now," Lauro said.

Trump's lawyer also stated that he would use subpoena powers to uncover new evidence surrounding the events that transpired leading up to and after the controversial 2020 election, within the context of the charges Trump faces.

He noted that this is also a clear example of how America has morphed into a two-tier justice system, pointing out that the Russia hoaxers, Hillary Clinton, and many other Democratic operatives seem to have gotten off with less than a slap on the wrist compared to what's happening to Trump.

Only time will tell if Trump prevails in his latest legal battle, but it certainly hasn't hindered his 2024 campaign, and in many regards, has only served to boost it.