Trumpocrat: Working class voters want a 'big-league-hitter' like Trump

 June 5, 2023

Billy Bova, a Democrat supporter of former President Donald Trump, said the people are "looking for a big-league hitter, not a peewee league hitter right now."

Bova made his comments regarding how he thinks voters will rally behind Trump in the upcoming 2024 presidential elections.

The Democrat, also a Trumpocrat, said that working-class Americans are feeling the pain of inflation.

Bova said inflation is huge for Americans and they are feeling it whether at the grocery store, gas station, the automobile market, or the housing market.

Bova did give recognition to the United States' currently low unemployment rate but added that wages are not keeping up with inflation rates.

"And the problem is in the last couple of years, their $1,200 a month rent went to $1,800 a month, and their gasoline went from $1.79 to $4.79, and a carton of eggs went from $0.89 to $5.89. And they’re making, let’s say they’re making 70 grand a year," Bova said.

"Well, two years later, maybe they’ve had a 2% 3% raise, and they’re making 72 grand a year or 73 grand a year before tax as well. That obviously, the small percentage incremental wage increases that they’re getting, pay increases are not keeping up with the everyday cost of living they’re confronted with in America, whether it’s buying houses or, or paying rent or buying vehicles," he added.

Matthew Boyle of Breitbart asked Bova whether the Trumpocrat movement of Democrats will come together again in the 2024 election to back Trump.

"There definitely is going to be a movement," Bova answered. "There are folks that are talking and working together right now and trying to set up things, set up some infrastructure for that and everything, especially in these key battleground states that are so important."