Donald Trump Gets The VICTORY - It's Official...

July 26, 2022

It's most definitely just a stepping stone, but a victory is a victory.

Donald Trump absolutely DOMINATED a 2024 GOP presidential nomination straw poll at Turning Point USA summit.

Nearly 80% of attendees said that they would vote for Donald Trump in 2024 if the man made another run at the presidency.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Ron DeSantis was second. What was surprising though is the degree to which dominated with DeSantis collecting 19% of votes.

The only other Republican to collect at least 1% was Kristi Noem.

While it is surprising to see Trump beat DeSantis by as much as he did, it might be comforting to DeSantis to see that he's the only one besides Donald to be collecting double digits.

Gavin Newsom won the poll that asked which Democrat would be the toughest to beat for the presidency in 2024.

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