Trump Says He Would Have Prevented War In Israel

October 11, 2023

Former President Donald Trump has a lot of bold opinions about himself.

According to him, he's the best at a lot of things -- almost everything, in fact.

Something that he just added to his list of self-awarded accolades is his supposed status as the one person who would have been able to prevent the war in Israel from taking place.

Talking about himself and his abilities has proven to be a massive win for Trump time and time again, so of course he returned to that approach when talking about the terrorist attacks on Israel.

"Can you imagine what this guy has done to us?" Trump said about President Joe Biden. The horror of the weekend "would have never happened, the attack on Israel would have never, ever happened" if Trump was in charge, said the former president.

One of Trump's other key assertions during that speech was to declare that he would be able to save our auto industry just as easily as he would have been able to save Israel:

Under a Trump administration, gasoline engines would be allowed but child mutilation would be banned.

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