Trump Will Sit Down With CNN At New Hampshire Town Hall

It's not Fox News, as many people expected. It's not Newsmax TV either, which many consider to be the second biggest Republican network in America.

Surprisingly, the network that Donald Trump will use to reach America during his town hall in New Hampshire will be CNN.

Despite Trump previously criticizing CNN for being "fake news" time and time again, our former president is going to be soon making his first appearance on the network since 2016.

Kaitlan Collins will moderate the event in New Hampshire on May 10, which will broadcast on CNN at 5:00 p.m. EST. It's also been a while since Trump's last town hall event, which came back in 2020 when he sat down with NBC's Savannah Guthrie.

There are two main reasons for Trump agreeing to appear on CNN:

First,, he may be very upset with Fox News, who just let Tucker Carlson go. Despite what Carlson thought privately about Trump, there's no question that he was one of Donald's biggest supporters when it came time to hit the airwaves.

Second, Trump and his campaign are trying to reach a whole new demographic of voters. If that means liberal viewers on CNN, then so be it. Trump's recent indictment proving their really has been a witch hunt after him all this time may even lead to some of CNN's audience flipping to his side.