Trump Wants New Judge In New York Criminal Case

June 2, 2023

Former President Donald Trump and his team of lawyers have made a decision.

They are saying that the judge overseeing Trump's New York criminal case needs to recuse himself, citing what the former president's team is calling "significant conflicts."

The recent request for Judge Juan Merchan to step aside is the latest in a series of attempts from Trump's team to get a different judge to preside over the case. Trump has pleaded not guilty to 34 state felony counts of falsification of business records.

Trump's team hasn't wanted Merchan leading things for a while.

Their first attempt to get away from Merchan involved filing paperwork asking that the case be moved to a federal court.

Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg said that Trump's case does not belong in a federal court, because Trump was not yet president when the alleged wrongdoing occurred.

"The Judge's daughter stands to significantly financially benefit from a decision her father may make because of her direct efforts with Joe Biden's campaign," Trump's team said.

It was also pointed out that Merchan made $35 worth of donations to Democratic groups during the 2020 election cycle.