Trump vows to keep out anti-American, anti-Israel immigrants

November 6, 2023

With President Joe Biden's horrific and dangerous illegal immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border, it will take drastic action to correct.

A growing concern with the situation at the border are the potential terrorists that are slipping through the cracks given that Biden's border policies are essentially an open-borders nightmare.

Former President Donald Trump, whose border policies had great and measurable success, vowed recently to deny entry to anyone who expresses anti-Israel or anti-American sentiments.

The former president made the promise during the Florida Freedom Summit last weekend.

Holding absolutely nothing back, the former president made it crystal clear that he will not tolerate letting in potential bad actors.

"If you hate America, if you want to abolish Israel, if you sympathize with jihadists, and then you don't want your country to do well, you don't want your country to be successful, you're just not going to get in, you're not getting in, you're not coming into our country," Trump said at the summit.

Doubling down, the former president also vowed to implement a new "ideological screening" protocol for those attempting to enter the United States.

"On day one, I will restore the Trump travel on entering from having people that like to blow up our shopping centers and kill our people and do lots of bad things. Entry from plagued countries. We will not allow people to come in and will implement strong ideological screening for all immigrants," Trump said.

Social media users erupted at the comments, with his critics calling him the usual names, and his supporters cheering him on.

"Trump promises travel ban and strong ideological screening. Make extreme vetting great again. Now more than ever," one X user wrote.

While Trump will have to win the White House next year for that to become a reality, he's already well on his way. The former president not only dominates virtually every GOP primary poll, he's also besting President Joe Biden in recent 2024 hypothetical matchup polls, causing concern within the ranks of the Democratic Party.

Several high-profile Democratic operatives have sounded the alarm in recent days, including former Obama chief strategist David Axelrod.

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