Trump Trying To Spur Collapse Of Jack Smith

 June 17, 2023

Some people are calling it the beginning of the collapse of Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Donald Trump is not going to take his recent federal indictment lying down. The former president's strategy has been to attack Smith's credibility early and often.

If Trump can prove that the man appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland is a liar, then that could go along way in determining the fate of his federal case.

Trump appeared in the same courtroom as Smith recently, a man the former president went so far as to refer to as a "deranged lunatic."

"He's a raging and uncontrolled Trump-hater, as is his wife," Trump said.

There may be some truth to that, as many people are pointing out Smith's odd behavior while in the courtroom with Trump.

Instead of ever looking away, acting casual, or being normal at any point, Smith simply stared at Trump.

The ENTIRE time.

Trump thinks that Smith is a weird, creepy little man. After hearing about his bizarre courtroom conduct, America might agree.