Trump touts CNN ratings for town hall, says 'minds were changed'

By Jen Krausz on
 May 13, 2023

Former President Donald Trump knows he has to change a lot of voters' minds before the 2024 election if he's going to be elected to serve a second term four years after being defeated by President Joe Biden.

He started the process with a town hall on CNN and managed to get the network about five times the normal amount of viewers in that time slot.

He applauded CNN for having him on, saying:

“The Radical Left screamed, 'Take it down, take it down,' during the Show, because they saw that I was making so many important points on the Border, Energy Independence, the Afghanistan Catastrophe, Inflation, the Economy, Russia/Ukraine, and so much more,” Trump posted. “Many minds were changed on Wednesday night by listening to Common Sense, and sheer 'Brilliance.'”

I don't honestly know how many minds were changed by more than an hour of Trump talking over his host, Kaitlan Collins, and rehashing the same talking points the alternative media have heard countless times.

The audience at the town hall was mainly Republicans and right-leaning independents, but there may have been a couple CNN-watchers who said, hmm, maybe Trump isn't as bad as we thought.

It was a smart move by Trump and CNN, considering Fox News isn't all that supportive of him anymore, and CNN has been dead last in the ratings since shortly after Jan. 6.