Trump To Articulate Education Policy In Iowa

 March 3, 2023

Under Joe Biden, America's education system has become a tool being used to drive a wedge between children and their parents in order to get the children closer to the government.

Just look at how Biden used the FBI to intimidate parents from speaking up about their children's education. They literally labeled people who didn't agree with radical leftist teachings being done in schools as terrorists.

Like labeled as official terrorists on the federal government's official terrorist list.

It was TOTALLY over the line.

Well Trump's here to fix it, and he's going to let the fine people of Iowa in on his plan first.

Trump's "America First Education Policy" address is currently scheduled to be held in Davenport on March 13.

Perhaps coincidentally, Trump's event arrives shortly after a planned Iowa appearance by Ron DeSantis.

Although Ron hasn't declared his intent for 2024, many see him as Trump's primary opposition for the Republican nomination.

Check back after March 13 for the full details of Trump's new proposed education policy.