Trump thinks Jim Jordan 'will have the votes soon' to be speaker even after second vote fails

October 18, 2023

Former President Donald Trump sounded bullish on Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) becoming House speaker in the near future even though he failed to get enough votes in the second round of voting on Wednesday.

“I think he’s going to be confirmed sometime soon,” Trump said from a New York City courthouse. “As you know, many people have now supported him. Twenty-four hours ago, he was supporting somebody else. There seems to be great unification.”

“I think Jim Jordan will be a great speaker,” Trump reiterated. “And I think he will have the votes soon, if not today, in the next day or two. I think he’ll be a great speaker.”

Trump made the comments before two floor votes on Jordan's nomination, both of which failed to get the 217 votes needed to elect him.

In fact, the second vote was worse than the first, with 22 Republicans voting against Jordan after 20 voted against him the first time.

The House is expected to vote again on Thursday, but it still isn't clear that Jordan has the votes to be elected speaker, no matter how strongly Trump endorses him.

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