Trump tells reporters Arizona abortion law ruling went too far

 April 11, 2024

The Arizona Supreme Court issued a bombshell abortion ruling this week that kept in place a 160-year-old law that is considered a "near-total" ban on the procedure.

The ruling sparked equal amounts of praise and backlash on the political front, even triggering an immediate response from the White House.

According to NBC News, former President Donald Trump weighed in on the state's ruling, saying in his opinion that the ruling went too far.

"Yeah, they did," the former president replied when asked if the Arizona Supreme Court's justices went too far.

Trump added, "That'll be straightened out, and as you know it's all about states' rights."

Trump's response was in line with his big reveal on the abortion topic recently, in which he said that the issue should be the "will of the people" and left up to the states to decide. He predicted that Arizona's governor and others involved "are going to bring it back into reason."

The issue will likely be a ballot measure soon in the state, ultimately giving Arizona voters the ability to decide on whether or not to keep the law in place, which imposes penalties and prison time for anyone who performs an abortion procedure or helps a woman obtain one.

NBC News noted:

Under the law from 1864, anyone who performs the procedure or helps a woman access such care could face felony charges and up to two to five years in prison. The law includes an exception to save the woman’s life.

The former president has vowed not to push any kind of national abortion ban.

Though Trump made his stance on the abortion issue crystal clear, President Biden's White House continue to attempt to gaslight voters into believe that Trump will push a "nationwide" ban on the procedure.

"The guy who wants to be a dictator on day one will use every tool at his disposal to ban abortion nationwide, with or without Congress, and running away from reporters to his private jet like a coward doesn’t change that reality," obviously triggered Biden campaign communication director Michael Tyler said in a statement."

Trump's stance on the abortion issue headed into the election has stirred some controversy within the ranks of the Republican Party, as some members had hoped that Trump would, in fact, attempt to push a nationwide ban or other restrictions on abortion.

The issue is expected to be one of the top issues at the ballot box in November for the presidential candidates and down-ballot as well.