Trump tell-all aide Cassidy Hutchinson caught in multiple lies

By Jen Krausz on
 September 30, 2023

Cassidy Hutchinson, the 26-year-old former aide to Donald Trump who wrote a supposed tell-all book about the administration, has been caught in multiple lies.

Hutchinson's first lie was told before the book came out. She said that on Jan. 6, Trump argued with his Secret Service detail and grabbed the steering wheel because he wanted to go to the Capitol where his supporters were gathering and breaching the building.

The press reported eagerly on the story, but every single Secret Service agent who was there that day said that nothing like that happened.

Her sensational stories got her a book deal even if they weren't true, so what motivation does she have to tell the truth now?

In the book, she said that Mark Meadows, Trump's then-chief of staff who, as a devout Baptist, never drank in his life, got drunk on White Claws because he didn't know they had alcohol in them. She said it happened in front of Russ Vought, who she said was a Mormon.

But Meadows and Vought said it didn't happen, and Vought said he wasn't even a Mormon. Why would anyone believe her ever again?