Trump Team Calls Biden 'Real Threat To Our Democracy'

 January 4, 2024

Former President Donald Trump just proved what a genius campaign he is running.

Trump has found a way to turn President Joe Biden’s campaign strategy against his own administration.

Last month, Biden took a swing at Trump during a campaign event in Maryland, saying that “the greatest threat Trump poses is to our democracy.”

The Trump campaign knew exactly how to combat this attack.

Now, Trump has revealed what he says is the true “threat to our Democracy.”

President Joe Biden.

Donald Trump’s campaign sent out a recent email memo telling their recipients that “Joe Biden and his allies are a real and compelling threat to our Democracy.”

The email didn’t stop there.

“In fact, in a way never seen before in our history, they are waging a war against it,” the email continued.

At a campaign event in Iowa, Trump also said that “Joe Biden is not the defender of American democracy; Joe Biden is the destroyer of American democracy.”

Once again, Donald Trump is proving just how difficult it is going to be for Joe Biden to defeat him in 2024.